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  Discover an essential tool for your company profitability management: decision-making cost of goods & sales price development.
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  Complete solution of Corporate Strategic Management to implement assembly design, expansion or relocation projects.
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   Adding value and generating results
   Resulta Corporate Consulting join experienced professionals with excellent academic background, international experience and extensive capacitation to act in several market segments. Applying the best market practices, Resulta assure the necessary skills to conduct and perform projects in a safe and efficient way.
  Resulta's Consulting Services are divided into five areas:
  :: Support to strategic decisions:
     • Strategic aligment / Unfolding and organizational aligment;

   • Acting in Advisory Board of Administration;

   • Tools and methods to achieve operational excellence;

   • Advising small and medium sized organizations.
  :: Costs, planning and finance:
     • Cost system, pricing and strategic administration of profitability;

   • System for budgetary control and support to prepare business budget;

   • Feasibility studies / Tributary planning;

   • Purchasing efficiency analysis and spending administration / identification of opportunities;

   • Auditing / Revision of accounting and management practices.
  :: Flows, processes and procedures improvement:
     • Selection and consulting of ERP systems implementation;

   • Mapping of processes, design and implementation of diagram flows and procedures.
  :: Advisement in corporate transactions:
     • Pre analysis - acquisition and business plan, including start-ups structuring;

   • Managerial evaluation (valuation);

   • Acting in procedures of merger and acquisitions;

   • Access to private equity funds and capital attraction / Development agencies;

   • Support for foreign companies to implement their business and facilities in Brazil;

   • Support for companies internationalization.
  :: Management of Human Resources:
     • Change management / Organizational transformation;

   • Strategic remuneration and performance evaluation;

   • Corporate Governance;

   • Corporate communication and training;

   • Support to hire finance and management professionals.
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