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  Resulta Team
   Expertise and Experience
     Resulta has a competent renowned Senior Consultants/Associates team, with a periodical internal integration and recycling program, which represents an impressive differential for its projects development.

   Due to this team technical expertise, commitment and focus, Resulta has an excellent cost benefit relationship for its clients solutions deployment, with no time loss.

Organizational structure:
  Please see below the credentials of Resulta Corporate Consulting management:
    :: José Luiz Castilho:
    • 30 years of executive experience having held high positions in Finance and Project Management areas.

    • International experience, having performed jobs in several countries.

    • Graduate and post graduate in Business Administration.
    :: Ferdnan Gama:
    • 20 years of experience in Technical / Operational areas in Projects Engineering, NP&D, Logistics, etc.

    • International experience with participation in Global Technical teams.

    • Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, and post graduate in Industrial Administration (USP).
    :: Alfredo Munhoz Júnior:
    • 35 years of experience. Executive of Business and Operations Management with solid experience in Supply Chain area.

    • Development and leadership of cross functional and high performance teams.

    • Graduate in Business Administration and Metallurgical Engineering. Courses in Management (Michigan University and Thunderbird University).
    :: Joaquim Raposo:
    • 35 years of experience in Financial and Supply Chain areas working for multinational companies.

    • International experience, being responsible for Supply Chain in ten countries, acting in business in South America, Mexico and USA.

    • Graduate in Accounting and Administration, and post graduate in Business Management.
  Please see below our Project Managers:
    :: Carlos Mathias Costa:
    • 30 years of experience acting in local and multinational companies, like Souza Cruz, Kraft Foods, Danone, Arcor and Telefonica.

    • Experience in Strategic Planning, Financial Feasibility Analysis of projects and revision of procedures.

    • Graduate in Business Administration and post graduate in Finance (FGV).
    :: Ricardo Cacioli:
    • 20 years of experience in Cost Accounting, Planning, Budget and Accounts Payable areas.

    • Acting in multinational companies of automotive industry, technology, food and tobacco.

    • Graduate and post graduate in Business Administration.
    :: Tatiana Hilário:
    • 15 years of experience acting in Financial / Controllership areas.

    • Working for one of the main companies of Agribusiness & Food.

    • Graduate and post graduate in Business Administration, and MBA in Finance (FGV).
    :: Vitor Bento:
    • 15 years of experience with built career in Industrial Engineering, Quality and Operations areas.

    • Working for companies like Novartis, Avon, SGS, Canadian Oxidental, Gillette and Loreal.

    • Graduate in Industrial Chemistry, and post graduate in Environment.
  Please see below our Operational Consultants:
    :: Cláudio Cardoso:
    • 20 years of experience in Controllership working for multinational companies in different industrial segments.

    • Broad experience in process of forming industrial costs, cost accounting, financial planning and forming sell price.

    • Graduate in Business Administration, and MBA in Controllership (FGV).
    :: Cláudio Tadeu de Freitas:
    • 30 years of experience in Accounting and Finance areas.

    • Broad experience in Finance routines such as Balance Sheet analysis and consolidation, monetary variation and Brazilian CVM statements.

    • Graduate in Accounting, and participation in different Finance seminars.
    :: Gabriel Okamoto:
    • 7 years of experience in industrial segment companies on automotive and capital goods in Production Planning and Quality Control areas.

    • Experience in pharmaceutical company in Finance, Market Access, Business Intelligence and Sales Management.

    • 5th year student of Production Engineering.
    :: Malzoni Carneiro Sanches:
    • 20 years of experience in Controllership, Banking and Finance.

    • Acting in companies as responsible of Controllership, Finance, HR, Administration and Accouting Methods management.

    • Graduate in Production Engineering (USP) and MBA in Capital Market and Controllership.
    :: Roustan Maia:
    • 30 years of experience in Finance and Controllership areas.

    • Acting in Finance Planning area. Experience in composition of sell price and result by product analysis.

    • Graduate in Business Administration, and post graduate in Controllership (FGV).
    :: Guilherme Overney:
    • Student of Accounting, currently on trainee process in Resulta Corporate Consulting.

    • Track works / consultants, assisting in tasks to improve knowledge of work methods.
  Rua Enxovia, 472. Conj.: 1.901. Chácara Santo Antônio. São Paulo - SP / Brazil. ZIP: 04711-030.
Telephones: +55 (11) 5532.1081 | +55 (11) 5181.4713 | +55 (11) 98426.0331.
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