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  Discover an essential tool for your company profitability management: decision-making cost of goods & sales price development.
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  Complete solution of Corporate Strategic Management to implement assembly design, expansion or relocation projects.
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   Module of Operational Excellence
   Module of Operational Excellence Full Service was developed joining competences of the partners Resulta Corporate Consulting and Gamatecnica Engineering & Productivity Consulting.
     This module is designed to be a complete solution of Corporate Management that combine competences in Finance, Strategic Management, Industrial Engineering, Projects Engineering and Supply Chain. Those competences are applied from conception to implementation of assembly design, expansion or relocation projects, and in costs reduction projects, and operational performance improvement.

   With those principles we help our clients to transform main areas involved in the value chain, from the relationship management with the client to suppliers of services and products management.
  :: Full Service Scope:
     • Projects and Technologies;

   • Implementation Management;

   • Technical Feasibility Studies;

   • Regulatory Documentation;

   • Business Case and Finance Feasibility Studies;

   • Financial & Physical Control of CAPEX and Support to Supply area;

   • Flow, Procedures and Ergonomics;

   • Production Engineering;

   • Supply Chain - Inbound & Outbound / S&OP;

   • Cost Reduction Projects and Productivity Improvement;

   • Quality Assurance Projects.
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