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  Discover an essential tool for your company profitability management: decision-making cost of goods & sales price development.
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  Complete solution of Corporate Strategic Management to implement assembly design, expansion or relocation projects.
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   Creating influence and focus
   Resulta offers dynamic and updated training programs in managerial and finance areas, bringing to the student the real everyday corporate environment, developing his/her competences, besides adding value to companies human capital and allowing experiences exchange between their professionals.
  Resulta Training Programs:
     • Finance for non Financial Executives;

   • Strategic decision making based on Costs;

   • Sales Pricing Models and Profitability Management based on Contribution Margin Methodology;

   • Investment Feasibility Analysis;

   • Corporate budget elaboration;

   • Business Plan Elaboration.

   Resulta training programs can be executed in-Company or in Resulta Office. Other lectures and courses can be ministered / developed as requested by clients.
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