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  Discover an essential tool for your company profitability management: decision-making cost of goods & sales price development.
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  Complete solution of Corporate Strategic Management to implement assembly design, expansion or relocation projects.
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  Resulta Corporate Consulting
   Cost, Performance Management & Results Maximization
     In a competitive & challenging market environment companies has to hire specialized services, at the right price, for just enough time to diagnose and solve their problems, guaranteeing agility and focus to implement actions with the required quality and excellence.

   Resulta Corporate Consulting was born from the merger of experienced professionals with the idea of converting knowledge in added value for its clients.

   Resulta is a Company specialized in finance and management, with focus on strategy and results maximization.
  • Vision:
   Be a reference of effective solution for any company which looks for consultancy services.

• Mission:
   Provide consulting services with absolute competence, objectivity and commitment, building a history of transparency, respect and integration between Resulta professionals and its clients.

• Philosophy:
   Growth and consolidation are result of Reliability, which is the natural consequence of a work with absolute excellence, capability and customized service, surpassing client expectation.

   Resulta is a company oriented to long range results, with client satisfaction as priority, which automatically turn out to be a source of new opportunities, generating steady and sustainable growth.

• Resulta Differentials:
      • Focus: Experienced Professionals during only the required time;
      • Excellent cost-benefit relationship;
      • Transparency: Defined Project timeline with continuous monitoring;
      • Tranquility: low impact on clients Day-to-Day operations.
  Rua Enxovia, 472. Conj.: 1.901. Chácara Santo Antônio. São Paulo - SP / Brazil. ZIP: 04711-030.
Telephones: +55 (11) 5532.1081 | +55 (11) 5181.4713 | +55 (11) 98426.0331.
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